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Glenda Lotuseyes
20 March 1976
Many places, many times, many spaces... Too many junctions and intersections in my life to tell in a few spare lines.
Too much present to live and future to dream to linger in the past. But records have somehow been kept, and memories have a cherished shrine: http://lethe.adaptr.nl, a bio, poetry, pictures and more, more, more ME!!!

My poetry journal is at _soul_of_flames, please add that, too. It isn't overwhelming, and it makes me happy to know that people read it. It's why it's there.

I just created a community to keep everyone abreast of the best events going on around Chicago. It's called Chi-Ka-GO, and I will mostly post things about things related to trance dance and spirituality.

I would really appreciate it if those who friend me would leave me a little comment, or send me an Email. There are at least two people that have added me, who have absolutely no entries, nor any identifying info on their profile. I assume they know me, since we have a bunch of friends in common, but... it's hard to tell. Also, sometimes I am just curious to know who is adding me and why. I leave a comment to everyone I add, could you please do the same for me? Thanks!

All text and images are licensed under Creative Commons. I would appreciate it if you'd let me know you are using any of my material.
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